Fishing Report

Fishing Report – About Weather & Flow Conditions

Fishing report are about the adult salmon count, weather and flow conditions for the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington to help you plan a successful fly fishing experience. The current weather conditions come from the Weather Service giving you current weather conditions and one week forecast. The current flow conditions for the Deschutes, John Day and Hood River, are provided. The Columbia River Fish Passage provides current fish counts at Bonneville Dam.

 Adult Salmon Count

The adult Salmon and Steelhead count can be found at  The fish passage data is updated regularly, sometimes every hour.  The site gives you a lot of information about adult pit tag detections, links to Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife agencies of interest to fishermen.

Current Weather Conditions Fishing Report:

Columbia River 

Cascade Locks OR   Stevenson WA   Carson WA   Viento State Park OR   Drano Lake WA   Hood River OR    Memaloose State Park OR Lyle WA   The Dalles OR   Wishram WA   Biggs Junction OR   Goldendale WA   Rufus OR   John Day Dam   Arlington OR Roosevelt WA

Deschutes River

Maupin OR

Current Flow Conditions Fishing Report:

The current flow conditions is provided by USGS.  The Deschutes River reports are taken near Culver, Madras and at Moody near Culver Oregon.

The John Day River reports are taken near John Dear, Camp Creek, near Galena, Ritter, Monument, service Creek and JcDonald Ferry.  All sites are located in Oregon.

The Hood River reports are taken at Tucker Bridge near Hood River and Columbia River at Hood River Oregon.

The Klickitat River reports are taken above West Fork near Glenwood and near Pitt.   All sites are located in Washington.

 Deschutes John Day Hood River Klickitat River

Columbia River Fish Passage Fishing Report

Adult Returns for Columbia and Snake River Dams.  Adult Returns fishing reports for Columbia and Snake River Dams – Graph Adult Salmon Database.  This graph compares annual and 10 year average.  Select a dam sites for data.

For more about fishing reports you can contact Paul Anderson at FlyFishing Strategies Fly Shop.

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